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We share your brand with our community & network.

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Gain valuable insights for your new software or feature from our community.

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$500One-time Payment
  • Our review (1)
  • Exclusive deals for Tekpon Club
  • Custom-made badge


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  • All from Warm-up
  • 1 E-mail Campaign
  • 1 Insights Article (2)
  • Social Media Boost (3)


Custom made solutions to boost your business.

Starting from $5,000
  • All from Start
  • Co-branded Press Release
  • Strategic E-mail Boost Campaign
  • Strategic Article Boost across Tekpon
  • Traffic Acquisition (4)
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  1. Our reviews are honest, from a software user perspective.

    However, we do not guarantee a maximum Tekpon Score for your product.

  2. Insights Articles are typically 1,500 to 2,000 words.

  3. Exposure across all Social Media platforms, including our Facebook Group.

  4. Traffic acquisition campaign across multiple platforms.

Why Work with Us?

Gain more Trust

We put together our honest review, deals & social media posts, to get you in front of our community & network, and build brand trust.

Generate more Sales

Get in front of potential clients through our Media Partners network - we have millions of Ad Impressions available. We design the sales strategy for your software, everything tailor made to get you more leads.

Get Help developing your Software

We can send to our community your new beta version of software or feature, and gain feedback, insights & more.

We are all software lovers in here!

Monthly performance Report

We provide analytics data from your review page & category pages relevant to your software.

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Tekpon manages one of the largest Facebook community of US-based entrepreneurs & start-ups with an average of 15k+ active users per day.

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